The latest trend that is observed in the web development sphere is about the mobile compatibility. The growth of mobile internet has surpassed the usage of the internet on the fixed devices and mobility has emerged as the leading factors in web design.


This has not only affected the web development techniques, but also brought in a lot of changes in the way many companies like operate today. The business of web designing has changed a lot after the development of mobile internet and responsive technologies.  In this article, we will discuss about the changes that are observed in the field of web designing after the inception of the mobility based developments.


1. Changes in design related perceptions: This is one of the major changes that most of the players offering web design services have observed in the past couple of years. The simplest example of  the change in perception can be considered as the changes in the use of bolder fonts and large sized icons. The websites that were built in previous times were using comparatively smaller fonts and icons. This is largely due to the mobile appearance of the web that requires bigger fonts and icons for increased audibility.



2. Coding pattern based changes: The mobile internet concept has brought in a lot of changes in the coding pattern that was used in the old time. The latest coding is following the mobile responsive coding standards that are essential for making a site search compatible.


3. Emergence of the adaptive and responsive designs: The concepts of adaptive and responsive designs have affected the development. These have brought in many changes in the method of coding which is essential to make the sites useful from the mobile usage. The adaptive patterns make the existing websites flexible enough to meet the requirements of mobile web. While the responsive websites are designed in such a manner that it can resize and adjust its appearance as per the screen size of the mobile devices.


4. Evolvement of Mobile app v/s websites: The concept of mobile internet and the responsive websites have resulted in the development of the mobile applications that are largely the miniature of the sites offering different services on the internet platforms. This has made a revolution in the field of internet usage. Nowadays the upcoming business is launching the mobile apps along with the websites for getting their market stake from the mobile web.




5. Changes in design elements: The concept of the mobile web has affected the design patterns that are largely depending on the responsive design elements. It is supporting the layout in such a manner that it fits the mobile screen of different resolutions without any change in the appearance.
These major changes have changed the web design patterns to a large extent.