The growing popularity of shopping online has sparked a rise in the need for websites. This huge demand has led to an increase in the number of companies offering web design services and has made it difficult to differentiate between professionals and quacks. It has led to frustration and loss of money as many business owners, searching for a professional web design company, fall prey to imposters. With so many imposters in the market today, how can one identify a professional who can deliver a high quality website?



Check for Skills


Web design and development is a complex exercise that involves several professionals. You need graphic designers, coding experts, technicians to test the website, etc. You need to learn a bit about web designing to make your procurement easier and accurate. Ask about the skills of the technicians and the services the company or freelancer offers in their web design package.  An ordinary IT expert will not deliver the best results. Web designing is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. You need a professional web design company that delivers to your expectations. Remember that the quality of your website will determine the reception your brand receives on the internet. A poorly designed website will chase clients away by providing a terrible user experience. Always insist on an experienced designer who has a track record of developing high quality websites.


Get a Referral



Have you ever browsed through the website of a friend, associate, partner, etc. and been impressed? It is time to ask for a recommendation. If you liked what you saw, ask the partner to recommend the designer who did his website.  Going the referral way has its advantages. To begin with, you are sure that the designer will not swindle you off your cash because his services have been tested. Further, you have a reference of the features you can request since you know that the designer can produce them. Inquire more about the designers commitment to complete the work within the agreed time and on budget. It also helps to know how well a designer communicates and interacts with a client.


The Price You Pay


Designing a website is an investment that every businessperson makes. One must therefore endeavor to get excellent value for money at all times. This is only possible when you pay the right price for development. Unlike commodities, it is impossible to set a fixed price for designing a website. However, you can still estimate the price you will need to pay by considering several factors.




Developing a feature rich website requires a unique set of skills and is thus more expensive to develop. The features you need to have on your website will depend on the functions that you expect your website to perform.


Freelancer or Company



Established companies have assets to maintain and are thus expensive when hired to design a website. However, they come with a guarantee for quality and an assurance that your money will not be lost. Freelancers on the other hand charge a fraction for excellent services but are risky if you are dealing with a stranger.


Support Services


Are you interested in just design or will you need the company you hire to provide support services? Will the package also involve training or orientation of your internal IT department on how to operate the website? All these factors have an implication on cost.


Template or Coding


Will the company use an existing template or will it code your website from scratch? Templates are easier to use where you do not need expansive features. They are also faster to deploy. However, they are limited in terms of customization. This may curtail your intended uses. A customized website that is coded from the beginning allows you to incorporate all the features you desire. It will, however, be more expensive and require continuous support from the designer or extensive training of your IT department.


Despite all the variations you may see, cost should never cause you to sacrifice on the quality of your website. A poor quality website will send away visitors and thus prove more expensive in the end. Always strive to get quality services and negotiate prices to ensure you get value for money.  It helps to have a Professional Web Design Company that is committed to your dream of a quality website. A company that listens to your concerns and endeavors to deliver to your expectations is an asset. There will be a lot of exchanges before the final website can be delivered. A professional designer facilitates these exchanges and is open to corrections or alterations when they are required. The company should be ready to provide guidance in areas where you might not understand the development process and even produce a better website than you expected.